Monday, February 22, 2010

Is direct mail dead or does your list just suck?

Are you sick of being the 39th company to call on the same leads? Here's some advice. Give direct mail another try. You see, he attempted a test batch a while ago and soon decided that it was a failure. What happened? He "saved" money by purchasing a cheap set of data entries. That was his fault. He's not alone. In today's hardened economy, businesses are looking to save anywhere they can, often being penny-wise and purchasing worthless data records. The most important part of a direct mail campaign is not the content. It's not the shade of the envelope. It's the list that you mail to.

Want to be entertained? Ask your list provider to detail the ways of how their company assembles and models the behavior of their client database to create a modeled credit bureau data list. Now, we offer these mailing lists as well as credit bureau data, but we also show the large ranges of score and credit ranges you'll experience with this data. If you're surviving in the financial sector, it's because you are working in a very tight niche. How many more sales could your workers make if each of your prospects definitely qualified for your service? What if you knew you were reaching out only to prospects that met your strict qualifications?

Before you purchase another list, think about these questions:

Do you need to hit an exact credit score or range of scores?
Do you need to know the exact history of a homeowners mortgage? current? 30 days down? 60 days down?
Would you like to know specifically if they have minor derogs and/or major derogs on their unsecured debt? Or filter by these two?
Do you need a minimum number of trade lines?
Does it help to know whether or not they are just becoming delinquent or have already experienced major derogs?
Do you need a minimum amount of debt to work with?
Would an exact credit score help you in determining if they meet your guidelines?

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, you need quality credit bureau data. If your current list provider continually tries to push modeled data on you, they probably don't offer data straight from the bureaus.

Want to find out how you can access this data? Get in touch with Mind River Marketing today, and we'll set you up with the best credit data we can find.

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